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An Industry Veteran Shares His Secrets

What does Wall Street know that you don’t about the right way to invest?

An award-winning wealth manager with twenty-five years of experience and over $100 Million in assets under management talks about what works and what doesn’t on Wall Street.

Ted Kerr’s new book, Taking Stock, exposes why you may be frustrated that the most common investing strategies often don’t seem to work. But he doesn’t stop there–he shares eight strategic advantages you can leverage to try and maximize the growth in your investment portfolio.

Chapter 1. Decrease Expenses, Increase Returns

You Can Beat Index-Based Investments at Their Own Game by Reducing Fund Expenses to Zero

Chapter 2. Take Control of Taxes

Taxes Can Have a Far Greater Impact on Returns Than Investment Expenses

Chapter 3. Increasing Adviser Confidence

Confidence Is Essential for Advisers to Do Their Jobs Effectively

Chapter 4. Increasing Investor Confidence

Most Investors Have No Idea What They Own, and That’s a Problem

Chapter 5. The Importance of Intentional Ignorance in Today’s World

The World Today Produces a Staggering Amount of Information, and 99% of It Is Meaningless

Chapter 6. Avoid and Ignore Bubbles

The Stock Market Is a Bubble-Making Machine. Avoiding and Ignoring Are Key Abilities to Develop

Chapter 7. Focus on ROI, Not RTS

The Hard Truth about Returns and the Product Sponsors Who Generate Them

Chapter 8. Support Your Values

Investors Care about Returns, but They Also Care about What They Care About

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ISBN: 978-0-9974204-7-0

Retail Price: $12.99